Chasing Time and Light to Tell Stories

 Brandie, 18, at sunset  follow story

Brandie, 18, at sunset follow story

The number of overdoses kept rising. The reality of growing up in Akron is that those numbers became people I knew. I wanted to humanize the heroin epidemic by turning statistics into stories.

My name is Alyssa and I’m a documentary photographer from Akron, Ohio. Last summer, I met someone who changed my life. Her name is Brandie, and I’m telling her story to show others what it’s like to live with addiction. Following her journey proved to me that important stories take time, and intimate moments come with trust. Most importantly, she’s helped me let go of the grudges I’ve kept from watching my loved ones fall into addiction. We both want this story to do the same for others.

Brandie now refers to her life as a story, and she is determined that this project will have a happy ending. I owe my strengths as a photojournalist to her.

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